Saturday, 17 September 2011

Must Buy/Have Music Software!

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ProjectSAM This is the ultimate pack for Kontakt 3+ Versions. The most Epic Orchestra / Symphony Library Samples and Pads on the web! Check out the samples on their website if you are not convinced!

CineSamples This is the award winning music production kit that most Movie Score / TV Score Producers use in their work spaces. Like the ProjectSAM Libraries, the Cinesamples has a multi-variety of Samples, Software, and Libraries.

Komplete 8 by Native Instruments, this is one of the greatest Sample Library Packs ever, and one of the most popular! It's Equiped with over 10,000 sounds over 150 GB of sounds and samples.

Pro Session by M-Audio, the sounds by m-audio which have brought to you ProTools and other AVID related software/hardware, this software is affordable but really high quality in both Sound and Produce.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gon Gotti Mixtape - The Rise of Gon Gotti

The Rise of Gon Gotti Mixtape released on September 1, 2011. Gotti is Sole CEO of CTM Music Group (Cut Throat Mafia) and he has worked with a number of artists from the Maybach Music Team which is a sub group of Rick Ross.

Have a listen for free and a download for free. Gotti is an artist with a style of his own, and he will make it in the industry as one of the successors of the New Age Rap.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Native Instruments: Komplete 8

Native Instruments have announced new versions of its studio-standard software bundle. While KOMPLETE 8 has been further expanded to include 27 individual products at an unchanged price, the new KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE for the first time combines the full arsenal of Native Instruments' KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects range at the same substantial discount, with 50 individual products conveniently provided on a dedicated external hard drive.

Further expanding its versatile sonic arsenal, the new KOMPLETE 8 includes the latest KONTAKT 5 and GUITAR RIG 5 versions, and adds the charismatic WEST AFRICA percussion instrument. It also incorporates the versatile new STUDIO DRUMMER drum production instrument and the upcoming TRANSIENT MASTER dynamic processing effect. Furthermore, KOMPLETE 8 includes over 1,300 additional presets for ABSYNTH, FM8 and MASSIVE, derived from several acclaimed soundpacks previously available as individual products.

The new KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE includes the full content of the regular KOMPLETE 8 bundle and much more, combining the full range of all currently available KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects on a dedicated USB 2.0 hard drive. The resulting collection comprises 50 individual products with over 13,000 sounds and 240 GB of sample content, at an effective discount of over 80% compared to the individual prices. The hard drive enables a fast and convenient installation process, and also constitutes a compact and robust backup medium for the software.

Both new KOMPLETE versions are optimized for Native Instruments' groove production system MASCHINE, offering direct browser integration with attribute-based preset search as well as convenient automatic parameter mapping for the rotary knobs on the hardware controller.

Release Date: September 2011.

10 Years Remembrance

Today is the 10th Anniversary since the 9/11 Attacks on The World Trade Centre buildings in New York City, NY. Many lives were lost and many brave volunteers from across United States and Some from Canada have contributed to the Rescue and Clean-up of buried victims and debris. For the full story please visit CNN's Link for more info  Click Here

But for now let's take a moment of silence for those who have perished on this date September 11, 2001.

R.I.P. You may be gone, but never forgotten.