Welcome All to the Tattoo's by Focus of Aenigma Ink located in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario. Focus is the Co-Founder of Elite Eleven Production with Co-Founder Vizzo Vendetta.

I  (Vizzo) have been friends with Focus since Grade 11, back in the 'Good 'ol Days', and I've been his canvas for a number of tattoo's. He is one of the most efficient and Reliable tattoo artists around in this day and age. His unique 'Street Art' style sets him to a whole different level when it come's to Quality and Design. Focus specializes in Black & Grey, Portraits, Custom Lettering, and Free-Hand Tattoo's. He has also taken the new hobby of Airbrushing on almost anything from Picture Canvas's & Clothing to Automobiles & Bicycles. He is definitively the One Artist that is the future of Tattoo's & Art.

If you are in need of Custom Skulls, Clowns, Pin-up, Lettering, or Cover-ups & Touch-ups, Focus is the #1 Artist for you.

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My Tattoo's by Focus:
 (Single Session Sleeve Outline)
 (Christian Orthodox style cross)
 (Everything but the Skull)
 (Ambigram "Family / Respect") 
 (Custom Pin-Up)
 (Focus' First Ever complicated tattoo "Unfinished")
(The Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus w/ Baby Jesus - Orthodox Style)