Welcome to the Elite Eleven Production Store!

In order to download music and take ownership, there is 2 Licenses to Purchase. A Leasing Rights License and/or an Exclusive Rights License. Free Download is intended for sole tuning and/or non-profitable purposes ONLY! If you are wanting to use the downloaded instrumentals for personal LP's, CD's, Mixtapes or other forms of Sale, you must purchase a License.


  • No Sole Ownership
  • Sell maximum 2000 Units
  • Restricted to 1 Commercial Use Only
  • UNTAGGED High Quality WAV/MP3 File
  • Leasing Contract
  • Must give credits to Vizzo Vendetta
  • Song can still be Sold, Leased, and/or Downloaded
  • Sole Ownership
  • Unlimited Sale of Units
  • Unlimited Commercial Use
  • UNTAGGED High Quality WAV/MP3 File
  • Tracked out separate WAV Files
  • Exclusive Contract
  • Must give credits to Vizzo Vendetta
  • Song no longer Sold, Leased, and/or Downloaded
  • Only for sole tuning and/or non-profitable purposes. If you use a downloaded instrumental for profitable purposes, Prosecution and Fines will be enforced to the maximum penalty for Copyright Infringement.
  • All downloads are Low Quality and are fully tagged
To purchase a License for a particular song(s), please mailto: Click Here . The "Buy Now" Feature is currently unavailable and will be activated soon.